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Awaken Village Candle 26oz Scented Candle Jar

  • Awaken Village Candle 26oz Scented Candle Jar
  • Awaken Village Candle 26oz Scented Candle Jar
  • Awaken Village Candle 26oz Scented Candle Jar
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Beautiful Village Candle. Each candle jar has at least two wicks. The wicks are made from solid cotton. A candle jar with two wicks burns cleaner and generates less soot than the single wick style. They generate more light, less waxy residue, and pure clean fragrances. Available in various scents, click on drop down menu. Free delivery - when purchased with Flowers.

Size: 26oz 

Burn Time: up to 170 hours 

Designed and manufactured in the USA

Two hand trimmed cotton wicks 

High grade, food quality, paraffin wax 

Highest quality fragrance oils


  • Awaken - The beautiful scent of Awaken lights a path to instant energy and exhilaration. Fragrant eucalyptus brings cleansing and clarifying benefits, while leafy green spearmint provides a light, bright effect. (Limited addition)
  • Fresh Strawberries - Conjuring lush, languid summer afternoons, peak sunshine and carefree days of daydreaming and sky gazing, nothing captures that perfect summer feeling like ruby-ripe strawberries. Voluptuously tempting in their juiciness, and even more decadent when dipped in a little sugar like we’ve done here.  Welcome to summer (no matter what the season)

  • Sugarplum Fairy - This shimmering scent conjures up magical delights like sugar-kissed plum, vibrant pomegranate, and sparkling raspberry. Warm, rich cedarwood adds a graceful and ethereal complexity for an enchanted dream dance that will absolutely inspire.

  • Gardenia - Deep in the South secret gardens silently bloom with the most extravagant and romantic of flowers…  velvety white gardenias with their unmistakably addictive fragrance, jasmine with its lingering lusciousness, and lilies to win and woo all the senses.  Gorgeously intoxicating, this is flora to fawn over.

  • Empower - The energising scent of Empower awakens your senses with bright pineapple, fresh flora, and sheer musk. (Limited addition)

  • Cherry Blossom - In Japan, cherry blossoms are more than a beautiful flowering tree. Every spring the blooming of the cherry trees is considered an event that is long anticipated and eagerly celebrated. Symbolising the arrival of spring, cherry trees also represent renewal, new beginnings, and the preciousness of each moment. The air fills with a beautiful fragrance celebrating the profound beauty of this much-revered flower, blended with succulent cherries, and soft powder.

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